Our company

DC Di Candia Ruote has been manufacturing wheels and casters for high temperatures, food industry and industrial applications since 1953. We currently distribute our products in over 50 countries, thanks to a trained, expert, future-looking staff and to a proud second generation ownership of the Di Candia family. The DC specialized production line features a complete range of products designed to meet the most demanding requirements in the food processing and baking, hygienic, marine and industrial application. As a distinctive sign and to always guarantee innovative materials, thanks to the DC Tech Lab testing & research facility we study, develop and produce also the 70% of the raw materials used for our wheels range, sourcing the remainin 30% exclusively in Europe.

Specialized websites and production

Being the original and main manufacturer of wheels for high and low temperatures since 1953, we are also proud to offer to those customers which are into this range of industry, a specific and specialized website where can be found the most complete production of heat resistant wheels and casters. In the same way we offer also a dedicated website to the food industry and processing, which is another sector to which we dedicate a specialized production line. You can enter these websites here on the right side.